Padded covers



Manufacturers of PVC  and canvas industrial tarpaulins, With over 40 Years Experience. Boxing ring canvas, mma floor vinyls, bespoke covers are amongst the products we produce.

Whatever you need covering, be it large or small, LK Industrial Covers can manufacture you a tarpaulin cover out of tough, weatherproof PVC or canvas. With over forty years in the business, we have really covered it all from helping to keep an elephant’s feet dry (yes really!) to covers for musical instruments, camera and audio equipment for the Liverpool Spider showcase during European Capital of Culture celebrations.


We have manufactured covers for sporting and music events as well as producing covers for aircraft, transport and various industrial equipment. We make PVC covers, tarpaulins, wagon covers, sports ground covers and play area padded covers. We cater for domestic items like BBQs & garden furniture covers right down to covering garden plots. 

Most of the products we supply we manufacture ourselves, so we can offer bespoke solutions to all your cover needs.

You think of it; we’ve probably made it - but we're always up for a new challenge so, if you want a strong, durable tarpaulin cover to fit a particular object be it boat, aeroplane, sports pitch, golf buggy or sound desk at a concert, we can supply it! 

               Protective crane cover           

                      SPECIALIST COVERS FROM LK INDUSTRIAL COVERS                                              

Boxing ring floor canvas

Proofed Canvas Covers & Weatherproof PVC

We are based just outside Manchester in the North West of England but can deliver right across the UK so make us your first port of call when you need  something covering of any size.

We all love the Great British weather and here at LK Industrial Covers we understand just how important it is to keep your items safe and protected and our flexible but strong PVC covers and proofed canvas covers help to do just that. 

We also manufacture and provide re-enactment tents for groups such as the Sealed Knot or those who portray the American and English Civil War societies.
We manufacture pallet covers in PVC or in polyethylene. Our PVC covers can be welded seams for extra weather protection, with a choice of having a clear document pouch attached to the cover. These covers are re-usable, and will give good service to you.

Polyethylene covers are a budget priced cover and are useful if the cover may not be returned to you. All goods are waterproof and flame retardant material can be used upon request. Generous discounts will be applied for a larger quantity of covers.


  American civil war re- enactment tents  From A frame tents up to Hospital tents , we can also offer bespoke canvas' for every occasion. Below is a 12' x 9' x 7' high officers tent   

Fitted pvc  covers

Trailer covers, Airport luggage trailer covers

 LK Industrial Covers are suppliers of bungee cord and polypropylene rope in a selection of lengths and diameters as a side line to the ordered product. Corner pads and crash mats are also available to help keep participants in sport safe too.

So it’s not just the physical space we protect. We make padded covers which protect medical, military, camera,  equipment,nsw-v33jiy4j05gblpwzulduatjniu8w-ceidrfifk70i8ty2--4rcbi5a1c211b34km9mdnz76dx7qvdysuz5p-v83zc8ci2fw690ietilc4cv168r1z51ym3tb-nmlaq2r classic cars, fragile items and musical instrument too, so anything you need covering we have a solution for you.

Curtain side covers

Market stall covers

Market Stall & Retail Covers

Our covers are strong, and we support vibrant markets by making market stall covers and fair-ground ride covers for beach side resorts, travelling funfairs and centre of town events/displays. We can also make banners which promote the events and show you where to go.


All these things help to support other industries and businesses as well as keeping you and equipment secure and dry.


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